Hawae'j Ayyam Zamman - Beirut

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Hawae'j Ayyam Zamman (things of old days store) is located in Saifi Village
tel: 01976407

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If you like something in there but would like it to be in a different size, they can do it for you

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Love old arab/Islamic design home accessories. I have a similar to the 5amsa design but in ceramic got it from Tunis.
Me Blogging said…
Allh tunis :)

never been there, would love to go someday
habbosh said…
love love love
its my must go place in safi :)
Me Blogging said…
tewaga3t ra7 ya3jibich
habbosh said…
i go there all the time and the nice thing they can personlise ur plates with ur name ma7al 3ajeeeb

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