Haifa' Dara3a Store

Haifa Dara3a (1)
Found some lovely collection of Dara3a's at Haifa' store in Qurtoba Mall (in front of coop)
I was looking for something comfortable to wear at home, bes ma kan ako shay 3amali 7ilo
So I got this instead, it actually looks like a dress. I think I'm going to do some adjustments to it and transform it into a casual wear.


Nice pillows , price tag KD45


Sn3a said…
shakla 7elo
how about their prices?
Me Blogging said…
ele khathait'ha eb KD65
wayed o elbajeen nafs eshay 70 -120
Sn3a said…
nice 3alaaich bel 3afyaa

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