Aishti's People - Beirut

Aishti (2)

6ab3an el ri7la ma tektemil ela lama nroo7 Aishti's People Restaurant Link . Located at the fourth floor.

Aishti (1)

The place was empty !!! don't know why, ma3a ena it was 1:00 PM

Aishti (4)

Aishti (3)

Aishti (5)

The strangest thing we saw at Aishti was this Russian Label Russy ...

Aishti (6)

that combined two trends in Russian culture: Boots and shawls.

Aishti (7)


Anonymous said…
available in 4 boutique bas maijabni .. now i find it amusing;p
Nouf B said…
i lovv People, perfect for brunch! and did you try iDay Spa? kaman b Aishti. i luv it!
Hope u got more to share abt beirut! xx
Me Blogging said…
allah y3afeech

good to know :)

iDay!! never heard of it
I will look it up
and I think I have couple of posts and the trip will be over :)
Love the desserts!
The boot is a WoW! Bel3afai!
7aneen said…
Im in love with the shoes !

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