Trench by Zara

Zara trench (2)

Zara trench (1)

Shabeeh Burbeery from Zara

Burberry Trench
Burberry from the spring/summer 2010 fashion show


Hend said…
el model 7elooo bs jena 3endech 3athalat jena wa7ed em3athel ba'3eet ashtery wa7ed bs ma adry shlon ya mawtho3 el3athalat 3ala bali :S
Modish said…
collection burberry hatha a7la collection nazila !! iyanin kila 7ilo
Anonymous said…
ma galat mo7elo !!!!! bs amshy o ana em3athla hatha eli mo 7elo
Me Blogging said…
walla yabeela ajarba 3ashan a3aref el e7sas
I went to Zara today and saw the trench. Didn't like it that much. The Burberry trench looks nicer. But as you said you have to try it first and see how it looks.
What I liked at Zara were the striped blazers. Did you see them. I couldn't find my size :(

And check out this Burberry trench On Lily's Dress Code.
Me Blogging said…
striped blazers? or striped silk blouse :)? if it's the blouse I bought one :)

As for the Burberry blazer, I'm not into burberry's style, and I don't like trench coats.

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