River Island

River Island (1)

River Island (3)

Chloe look a like

7aneen noted that it looks more like Marc Jacobs, not Chloe

chloe shoes

marc jacobs

and she is absolutely right, it's a copy of the sandal

River Island (2)

Tory Burch look a like

Tory burch 2 Tory

River Island (4)


Unknown said…
I like the bows sandal !
7aneen said…
The bows sandal a7issa more of Marc Jacobs look-a-like, not Chloe,, wela shrayech ?


Me Blogging said…
okhhhhhhh eee wallah saja nafsa nafsa
awal mara ashofa ma a3arfa
thanx :)
Anonymous said…
the orange sandal is also more like sigerson morrison than tory burch
Arab-esque said…
I love those Tory Burch slippers and the River Island top! <3
Bas maybe studs are getting a bit old?

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