Off to Lebanon


My family and I are going to Beirut for 5 days, see ya


Anonymous said…
Em9eba 24 hours sefar
Unknown said…
enjoooy :D ..
allah ey7afthkm ;*
Unknown said…
A word to Miss/Mr.Anonymous !
Dear Anonymous :
i think u r a frequent reader of this blog since i see you commenting here very often ! ..
but it seems u have a problem either u don't know how to talk or u don't have any manners ! or perhaps both i guess !
i really hope Allah eysa3dich 3ala nafsich o yashfeeich :)
Me Blogging said…
Every little thing:

allah yarzegech eb safra enshallah
o testanseen methel ma ana mestansa

mashkora :)
habbosh said…
me enjoooy dont forget to enjoy on my behalf too :p

my lord anonymouse tif tif tif allah ykafy elbnaya shar 3eench thekry allllah!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Anonymous......why so mean!!
Nouf B said…
Id love if you share your fav places there so I can check'm out ;)
Enjoy it xx
Anonymous said…
hi dear :
enjoy o allah e7fthich ya rab ....
plz up date us with the best places there .... am going this week enshalla o sarle 6 years mo ray7a ;)
thaaaanx dear :*
Anonymous said…
Wayed Anonymous e7na meno tag9deeen ya e5et Hayon ana agool malech sh'3el eteda5aleeen lana eli ana shayfa wayed Anonymous fa please etha mentay 3arfa eli ga3ed yakteb aw ga3da takteb la teg3deen ethathreeen wayeed lil asaf ana 3arfech 3adel shofay sheno ga3da etgoleen men waraha maskena o emsawya ro7ech etmoten feha gabel la 6al3een e3yon enas kani ana wa7ed ga3ed akten under Anonymous o wayed '3eery ebkalamech hatha shemaltena kelena .... lel Asaf ma teste7eeeen !
HaNoooDy said…
7abebty enjoy o malech she'3el fehom 6aaaaaaaaaaaaf :*

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