Metal Shoulders


Okkkkk so that is what Janet Jackson was wearing in her Video (Make Me)

Todd Lynn

Todd Lynn - Link
Brilliant Clothing, althought they don't look like summer collection


ba6alah said…
it's remind me ef babay Al rajol Al 7adedi :I
LOl!!! ba6alah & Me Blogging... I was thinking that it reminds me of Grandizer!!!
Not all fashion is fashion... That's my moto...
Do you remember the raised shoulders? I think it was Balanciaga who started it and other designers followed? One of my relatives, and she is quiet a fashionista, wore a jacket with raised shoulders and it didn't look nice at all. :(
Can I correct what I just said?
Not all that is hot in fashion is fashionable...some are very rediculious!
Anonymous said…
Me Blogging said…
ee bes eywanes etshofena 3ala moghaniya :)

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