Light Trip

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Yesterday we went to Ahmadi see the light decoration done by Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) and probably by Kuwait Petroleum Company (KPC).

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We felt like we are in London in christmas time

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Those trees are my favorite, you can find them in Al-Rihab for K.D. 160 - 200

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kil zeena 3indehoom 7a6oha, yeloog ma yeloog, ma3a ena loya, bes it was nice

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Unknown said…
WOOOW ey3aqd .. great pic's :-)
shawagteeni i wanna go
Anonymous said…
yea its pretty amazing
Confashion said…
I've been there last month during their anniversary.. it was amazing. Your photos are beautiful.. like postcards
Me Blogging said…
you have to go


thank you :)
7aneen said…
wanasaaaa shm3na bes ehnaaak so unfair !

I wana see! So London in x-mas 3ala goltich !
Arab-esque said…
Alllaaaah! Mashallah mashaallah yhabbbel!

What camera do you use? The pictures are soooo perfect!
7aneen said…
Every yr abe aruu7 oo never been!

After I saw ur post 7ail shwgteny o I just got back it was amazing..!!

But I had so much trouble taking pix! Mu wathe7, i tried normal, night-shot, and without flash.. I used a Canon Rebel T1i,, oo I'm a beginner.. Any tips??

Ur pictures are breathless mashalla
Me Blogging said…
My cam. is Canon 450D

:) Im glad you enjoyed it
tara I don't know the terms that photographers use, I just try taking picture before I begin and see which settings work. for these night shoot I used (TV) with no flash and I think the shutter was on 40.
7aneen said…
Ok I'll try that bacher,, thanks a lot :D ;*
Anonymous said…
9arlphom cham sena 3ala hal decoration mo shay yeded 6al3atlena feh
Me Blogging said…
adree sar lehoom cham sina
bes mo kilman shayefhoom 7abait asharek enas :)
Anonymous said…
zain etsaweeen bs mesaken weya salfat tasreeb el'3az alla e3enhom lana ohom tamdedat ta7at el arth mo methelna anabeb '3az 7a e6ab5

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