His and Hers interview

Weee 3ad al7een shefekom miniiii, 3araft al7een shloon anazil videos on youtube, kil yoom video

Since we have seen Reem Al-Nisif in Banat o Bes now let see His and Hers blog interview in the same show, at Al-Watan TV.


Anonymous said…
7safa il9oot 9abg il9ora :/

Alla ywafghum wtamem 3alaihom ;)))
7aneen said…
Thank u so much for this post + Velvet Cup's!

My friend ma3a al watan for tasweer o mn zman tgoly lay6ofich 7alqat valentines day o I've been dying to c it bes missed it!

Merciiii ;* And il ur video so clear mashalla (y) Great job!
ChuBBy-Doll said…
Yaa7leelhom ... Sij laygeen ... allah ewafeghom
Me Blogging said…
ee shiftay, mani 3arfa min shino :(

thanx :)
ba6alah said…
allah eykhalehom 7ag ba3ath inshallah

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