Flower Belt

Flower Belt (20)------

Flower Belt (2)-----

New Product
Please tell us what you think?


Anonymous said…
I love it.
Can I buy? ;p
Anonymous said…
very nice one from where Can I buy it and how much is it ?
Anonymous said…
very cute/funky flowers, and i like how the belt strap is thin.

very nice:)
Anonymous said…
cheap looking
-grl in the pic
Pink Sakura said…
It is cool
Does it have other colors
I prefer pink or rosy colors :)
Thank you
Anonymous said…
Sorry it doesn;t look nice...
7aneen said…
Its absolutely gorgeous, especially wearing the purple belt with a green dress. I love it
Anonymous said…
not a fan....you have done better!!
Anonymous said…
Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee3 lel asaf ma towaga3t hatha thogech :S
Me Blogging said…
Some people love it some people hate it

For the ones who liked it, choose your colors and send in your request to (memeblogging@yahoo.com) with your name and address and we will contact you once the order is done.
abLa Noura said…
so cute.. i like it waid .. o law il strap a3rath shway ye6la3 a7la

keep it up girl
Anonymous said…
aneeQ ,, wayed 7baita ;D

Oo kl ely galaw wee3 m7tareen


go head



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