A fashionista must read

I Lovvvvvvvvvvve this book
I was just telling my friend Arooja about it today
it tells you all about the secrets of the fashion industry
how it all began
why we are addicted to their brands
how bags and shoes are made
how the big names are made
and it is fun and exciting to read it when you know all the designers
you get to know how they were chosen
you know when we say in Arabic (الغالي قيمته في)?
well ... Dana Thomas (Author) wants to show us that now a days expensive stuff doesn't always mean quality
I read this book a year ago and still remember every chapter of it


7aneen said…
Ohhh looks like an interesting read ! :D Thanks for sharing
Arab-esque said…
I'm going to search the bookstore for this book:D

It's my kinda thing to read!
Me Blogging said…
you are going to love it
tell me what you think when you finish reading it

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