cacao fi cacao

Cacao (2)

I can safely say it is the best chocolate fodue in Kuwait - in Life with Cacao in 360 mall


Unknown said…
I love that place !
7aneen said…
But usually when you order it in fine restaurants, they require 15 minutes (it even says so on their menu). But when I ordered it in cacao, it came really quick 7ail shakait ina its so microwaved and when I tasted it, that's exactly what it tasted like. Yekh.
Anonymous said…
where is cafe meem?
Nouf said…
agree agree and agree <3
Anonymous said…
eeee 9a7 5o malkom she'3el feha men kether ma t7eb elbal3a kel shay yamshi 3aleha :P
Me Blogging said…
I love the decor

weee yomha yemkin ma klanat zaina

Anonynous 1:
cafe meem in the middle in the ground floor next to Poch


Anonymous 2:
a7eb el bal3a!!!!

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