Big Beauty

An interesting Blog
Style is not about size it's about attitude
This is what she wrote in her blog title, I hope I got it right, I don't know French


Yep you got it right and it sounds like and interesting site. You know the French love to throw thousands of Euros on themsleves and their bodies but they also like to appear au naturel ;)
mesha said…
اختي لو سمحتي ابي منك طلب ..
تعرفين وين احصل هذا التوب ؟

هو من Dries Van Noten
وماله فرع عندنا بالسعوديه ومو محصلتها بالنت !
Me Blogging said…
Ma Vie Ma Joie:
Ashwa tarjamti sa7 :)
offf 7adhoom naturel

Hala Mesha
I found this one
I know different color
ut u might like it

and this
Me Blogging said…
I found another site
but still not the same color you want
Unknown said…
You bet it is...!!!
And thats what H&M has also always believed by having an exclusive collection called BIB-Big is BEAUTIFUL...!!!

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