The best way to store wires

Plastic bag (3)

The best way to keep earphones and charger's cords from tangling together is to store them in small plastic bags, I learned this from my uncle's wife B, she is amazing in organizing stuff. Now things looks more neat and you can find what you want quickly.

Plastic bag (8)


Pearl said…
nice , i will do it :)
Modish said…
eeee walah nice ill do it 2mrw ..ma7ib lma il wayrat itraba6 iba3ath :/
DoDoq8 said…
e walah the best way

thanks 3la hathe elfkra
7aneen said…
Label them, too, then you won't have to check each wire's ends to know what it is..
Hope said…
such a good idea
thanx 4 sharing =]
ChuBBy-Doll said…
eee wallah looks so easy o its perfect to keep them away from dust 2 :)


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