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Off to Lebanon

My family and I are going to Beirut for 5 days, see ya

Flower Belt

New Product
Please tell us what you think?

Red Velvet

After Reema's interview , cousin D order the cake for her birthday, LA-THE-THA matrooooooooosa shakar.

Velvet Cup Tel. 97344544

Sonia Rykiel for H&M

At the Avenues - Link

Boutique 1

Now you can shop at Boutique 1 online Link

Boutique 1 the destination for fashion lovers, has 2 flagship stores one in Dubai, situated on The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence and the other one in Beirut, located in Beirut’s Central District on Park Avenue.

Pop-y and bright

This is from the Fall 2010 collection adre adre, betgolon ma 7afathna el 9aifi, 3ashan enshoff el shitwee, but... The 2 years old label (Suno) caught my eyes, I love prints and colors, fa 7adi excited about this brand, akeed Al-Ostora beyebonha in Kuwait Opening Ceremony will be carrying Max Osterweis and Erin Beatty (Suno) collection see more pictures of the collection Souce

David Guetta

notice the reflection .... ayyyy shayyyyy

Chanel No. 1

I fell in love with this sleeveless top, printed on it a picture of a perfume bottle that looks exactly like Chanel No. 5 bottle. Found it in a small shop called (Quiz) at the avenues, ana awal mara adre ena esema Quiz, you know where Maki is? it's on the right hand side of the resturant.

there is another one in pink

cacao fi cacao

I can safely say it is the best chocolate fodue in Kuwait - in Life with Cacao in 360 mall

Cartier is now open at 360 Mall


His and Hers interview

Weee 3ad al7een shefekom miniiii, 3araft al7een shloon anazil videos on youtube, kil yoom video Since we have seen Reem Al-Nisif in Banat o Bes now let seeHis and Hersblog interview in the same show, at Al-Watan TV.

Go Rayoooma Go

Reem Al-Nisif interview in Banat o Bes TV show for her Velvet Cup cakes Yummmmy
contact info. 97344544

PS: chena el 9oot gabel el sorah? anyways this is the best I can do, this is my first video on youtube. Ma adre enas eshlon ynazlon videos so quick? o ana sarli sena convert this and convert that.


Pictures brought to you by Cousin D from their trip to Paris

Light Trip

Yesterday we went to Ahmadi see the light decoration done by Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) and probably by Kuwait Petroleum Company (KPC).

We felt like we are in London in christmas time

Those trees are my favorite, you can find them in Al-Rihab for K.D. 160 - 200

kil zeena 3indehoom 7a6oha, yeloog ma yeloog, ma3a ena loya, bes it was nice

Twist Boutique

For the first time ever Twist Boutique is carrying Men's funky T-Shirt

each style comes in 1 piece only and will be wrapped in their signature 'twist' packaging. For your convenience, flowers are available.

Twist Boutique is located in:
Shaab Block 8
Ibn Salam Street
Building 83
Shop 7

Opening Hours: Sunday-Thursday, 4:30-9:00 pm

Tel: 22668121, 55008028

River Island

Chloe look a like

7aneen noted that it looks more like Marc Jacobs, not Chloe

and she is absolutely right, it's a copy of the sandal

Tory Burch look a like


Celebrate Kuwait National Day

From Al-Rodha Co-op (Book Store)
Price: Approx. 0.750 Fills