Up in the air

7 out of 10
3adi , methel ma tewaga3t
Anna Kendrick ele m7alya el filim


7aneen said…
wee 3ad u really wana watch it..
A/Z said…
y3ny ma enshofa ? :/
Anonymous said…
ana shifta 9a7 ohwa 3ady bs ana ma 7abeet anna kilish
Me Blogging said…
7aneen: akeed you love george clooney

madree shino stylich bel aflam
What is ur 3 best movies

weee ana mit 3alaiham ath7ak shay lama g3adat tabchi
7aneen said…
LOL ee i Doooooo ;$
Sara and Alia said…
poor baby he looks goowd
Me Blogging said…
I love him too :)
bes allah yhada aflama baykha

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