Summer 2010 ADs

Darek Lam - summer 2010

Pictures were taken from Harper's Bazaar Magazine - February 2010

LV - summer 2010

Hermes - AD summer 2010

Versace - AD summer 2010

Gucci - summer 2010

aywaaaa 3ala el7araka elfataka

Fendi Ad summer 2010

Ahhh ya Fendi, I love the colors of this Ad. the pink with white

Dolce & Gabbana - summer 2010

I hate it when they choose Madonna for Ads

Chloe - summer 2010

Bottega Ad. - Summer 2010

Blumarine - summer 2010

Prada Ad - summer 2010

Note: click on the picture for larger view


thouqer said…
this summer sure looks fun and exciting :)))))))
Sara and Alia said…
I loved loved loved the hermes Braid
Anonymous said…
bel3aks i love it when they choose madonna :) i think she's beautiful and she's aged wonderfully
in other words , she's hot! ;p
Unknown said…
ya galbiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :o
loved the versace !

by the way i found ur blog last night and im crazy about it .... t3abt o ana a6g OLDER POSTS wala shaklii nawyaa agraaaaaaaah kilaaa
ur such a lovely fashionista , thoqch rafeee3 o jameel
im in love with you ..
visit my blog o isnhallah nseer friends.. i even added u on twitter i believe
Me Blogging said…
A7rajtom tawatho3ona
Im glad you liked it :)
and I saw you added me on twitter
will check ur blog and tell you about it

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