Revamp your wardrobe with Shoulder Broches


Add a touch of style to your plain pullover or jacket with these metal shoulder boches.

warrior (4)

you can wear both broches together or just one, whatever you like . GET THEM HERE

warrior (2)

warrior (3)

want the rock n'roll style? go for these black studs shoulder broches, they can really change your outfit

Studs shoulder broches (2)

Studs shoulder broches

Studs shoulder broches (3)

also available in silver LINK

Studs shoulder broches (5)

By Ibrah



Sn3a said…
Nice Idea!!!

good luck
Unknown said…
Nice mashallah !
Anonymous said…
oh my god yer soooooooooooooo brilliant!! thats bcuz ur mit7ajba! ana nafsch dayman ashooof hal pullovers wl tops ili yshawgoon wykon feehm this little detail! w a7taar ina i cant buy them bcuz maylogoon 7g mit7ajbaat sooo intay 7a6ayteelha 7aal 7g mshkilatna!! thaaaaanks! i bought the warrior wl studs ilblack ;D wlyuum awal mawusal lebast il warrior w6ala3 amazing!it totally changed my outfit! thanks again! w also the statement necklace il ruffles is amazing tooooo!
the girl in the picture LOL
Me Blogging said…
Ohhhh my god, HIIII(the girl in the picture)
I was thinking of you today :)
ga3da agool madre 6ala3 zain el necklace wela la'
a7ateech wallah, 3ogob your comment thak elmara kheft ma ya3jebech

I'm really happy that you liked it :) o 3alaich bel 3afya
Anonymous said…
baadzlch pics of me m3 il ruffles necklace w tel me wut u think..this is my email
mu 7a6a ur email hnee sa7?

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