Palying with a photo

I recently bought a new laptop and as you all know new PCs always come with some trial applications. Now I'm trying out a photo editor application called Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 (sh6ooooola el esim) exactly like Adobe photo shop.
while I was checking out the effects they have, I found a very cool one that's called Time Machine, where you can take your photo way back in time and get the effect of the year you choose. I chose 1960's

LV 640
Above is the original photo - taken in Dubai Mall

LV - time machine 640
The 60's effect, 7ada coooool

LV - 19th centuary

and here we can see LV in the 19th century

LV - kora 640
and here I really don't remember what I did (not time machine) but the result was amusing


ba6alah said…
check this site i think you would like it :]
ba6alah said…
Unknown said…
i like i like
what is the programme agaiin?
i bet u real personal photos look amazing in this :P

ps what with word verification i dont like
Unknown said…
i meant does it work on mac?
Nice shots

I passed by LV in Doha they have the same cages in the window.

I just wanted to say they surely reminded me of Tweety
7aneen said…
ywannnis 7adddaaa !
mazyona said…
Me Blogging said…
heheh eshay :)
bes 3ad min yadree shino maktoob

I didn't try it on mt personal photos, I have to do that

and I have to add the word verification,I hvae been recieving stupid stuff on the comments and bad bad links
and I don't know if it works on mac

عزيزة نفس:
yah all windows around the world look the same

7aneen and mazyona , thanx :)

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