Our Hotel in Dubai - The Address in Dubai Mall

We arrived late, when we checked in everything was closed in the mall, we had dinnner at Johnny rockets and it was totally different than the one in Kuwait (kilish mo 7ilo) their #12 burger tasted like a home made burger (not something I like) and it was huge.


Anonymous said…
Hi I am a reader from the Netherlands and just started reading your blog recently, i was wondering, do you wear hijab?
DoDoq8 said…
Where ever we go kuwait restrants is the best ;)
Me Blogging said…
Reader from Netherland:
Yes I wear Hijab, Why?

eee wallah
Anonymous said…
I just wondered I don't know, I'm a convert and fashioncholic but still don't know a way to wear hijab and still look as chique as I used to, so I am delaying wearing the hijab.
Me Blogging said…
Reader Netherland:
WOW that is interesting :)
well I know how it feels, it is hard to wear hijab, you feel that your whole life will change, but it is only difficult at the first 2 - 3 months then you will get used to it and learn how to mix and much clothes that are suitable for you.
You know wearing Hijab is different from one country to another, we could know from which country a girl is just from her style of wearing Hijab. So if you are going to wear one, what will it be like? where will you buy it from in the Netherland?
all black? colors? long? short?

if you need any help or ideas just send me an email and i will be glad to answer any question you have in mind:)
pure-silk said…
u r right Jony not like in q8 .... The Adress Dubai Mall service is not good they r so busy with little experiance...not good hospitality as Jumaira's area hotels
girlfromdxbuae said…
If you think the food in Kuwait is better, why the hell you kuwaities keep bringing your ass over here every summer? STAY THERE!

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