Let's do our homework girls - part 3

Every time I say this post is going to be the last one about the magazine, akteshif ena I have alot of pictures to share with you, and I have to do another one.
o laaa, mo bes chethe
mum want to share with you the most ugliest shoes of 2010, do you wanna see that?
For today we are going to see things that I think are pretty and interesting.

Versace (1)
all by Versace, love the combination of pastel colors and and patterns

Versace (2)

Versace (3)

hope it looks as good as it is in the picture (also Versace)

Le Silla

Black boot by Le Silla


Brown boot by Marni

Marni has comfortable shoes, no matter how high they are

Proenza Schouler

Proenza Schouler

something different ,it's on my (Have to try it) list

Paul Smith

Cute, by Paul Smith

Alexander McQueen (1)

WOW, Alexander McQueen, always inspires me

Alexander McQueen (2)

Alexander McQueen (3)

Both bag and ring are by Alexander McQueen

Frankie Morello

ghareeeb, shoes by Frankie Morello.

Well that is all for today.

Tomorrow enshallah will be the last post about L'Officiel magazine, unless, you want to see the ugliest shoes of 2010 post.


Pure said…
estanast 3al posts :P

naby ugliest shoes ba3ad plz :$
Anonymous said…
laaa2 5anshoof ugliest shoes too! :D
Anonymous said…
You have taste issues.
Me Blogging said…
enshllah ugliest shoes post is coming

heheheh yes maybe I do

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