Let's do our homework girls - part 1

L'Officiel Magazine

Wohooooo L'Officiel Magazine Accessories Spring Summer 2010 is finally here, now ... let's go through it and see what is IN for next season

christian louboutin shoes

christian louboutin shoes

Ashwahhhh, studs will stay for next season, a7is ma shiba3t minhoom ba3ad. Both shoes by Christian Laboutin

christian louboutin bag

christian louboutin bag

Love the colors, also by Christian Laboutin


abaihhh misakeen Dior kasreen kha6ri :(
they used to be the trend setters, now ma7ad yadree 3anhoom
3ad ohma ele bedaw il Sky High Heels and all the weird and funky stuff


Picture above , LV collection
La La La ... please Marc, laish?????? ay shay!!!
ay shay jidamik yebtah o rakabtah?


Prada.... waiiiii3
omi tegool la t3aybeen yemkin nalbes'hoom
where is the creativity in that?

Miu Miu

wai3 bes momken ashofa wow, this is by Miu Miu

Marc Jacobs

Ashwa Sequins is still in :)
3indi jan6a abi a6ali3 geemat-ha :)

Ok girls this is all for today, tomorrow we will explore other brands and see what they have for us for Summer 2010


sun shine said…
ثانكيو ماستر جنج تقرين افكاري كنت امزهبه لستت اسئلة :) يعطيج العافيه
Faith said…
LOL loved your comments.
Unknown said…
ee walla whyy marc?!

they are so ugly!
Anonymous said…
Ooof lv 7adha dafsha !!!
ya36eech el3afya:)
Anonymous said…
Me too love ur comments :)
cousin D
Me Blogging said…
:) sij
bes enkhalis min el jewati o jna6, nentegel ela el hdoom


Even Sweeter:
eee sheftay?
7ada ugly

off wayed

Cousin D:
Terza Stella said…
Haha nice comments :P
waiting for part II
Anonymous said…
i hv to disagree with u, the prada clogs r hot! not anyone wud dare to wear clogs w hatha il 7lww ili feeh! clogs r sooo in i mean Mary-Kate was spotted wearing a pair of clogs a few months ago, which is another promising sign ,3l aqal ymayzch 3n the other ppl, i mean malaayna klmn gaam yalbis w yqalid ithany! matgdreen itimayzain! w the rest kla mn il falls collection:( im disappointed
-the girl in the picture
Me Blogging said…
girl in the picture:
you are right, clogs are in, bes Prada mo 3ajbeene

eee o entay saja, the rest is all from the fall collection
Anonymous said…
Ya 7ib Louboutin 7ag ilstuds. Ma t7seen ena he's over doing it sometimes?
Btw love the captions on the pictures! Made me lol.

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