Lady GaGa earphones

Lady GaGa heartbeats

Available at Al-Ghanim Electronics


A/Z said…
lady GaGa a7es'ha paranormal :I
360dewan said…
I'm sticking to Philips, i could buy another iPod with that price
p2bk said…
i totally agree with 360!
waay too expensive for an earphone!
i got these amazing lime green earphones from alghanim..every time i use them i get asked where did i get them from! (price tag: 4kd)..and yeah they work great with a volume control piece attached!
Me Blogging said…
ohh yes she is :) and I love her :D

hehehe yes you could :)

hmmmm nice to know, thanx
Modish said…
aww i luv it bs si3rha ma yiswa
Anonymous said…
Me Blogging said…
ee esara7a kilish ma yeswa
amazon :) arkhas mina mako
Q. said…
it retials for $20-$30 in the states. Someone needs to follow up on why prices are so ridiculous in kuwiat. This is not ok.

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