Gold Boots

I went head over heels for these sequined LV boots
I know they look hedious and there is no place you could go to wearing something like this
But I just fell in LOVEEEE
Price tag: 400 KD


Faith said…
I’d love them if they ended by the little belt thingy.
They are pretty cool! Except for the price tag ;p
Anonymous said…
ooooh HAAAWT!!! ana agoool ishtereehm! u can wear them ib ay wagt belaayl! 3asha, istqbal, yam3ay ayy ayy mokan! aby ashtreeh! ynba3 ib lv ilq8??
-grl in the pic
Anonymous said…
i googled it, 6ala3 akw nafsa bs high boot w in black! chna a7la! shfteeh? black rA7 ykuun a7la i mean m3 klshay ylog w mu bs labsa wa7da.. badzlch yaah email
grl in the pic
Me Blogging said…
girl in the picture
shift esewar :)
el geseer wayed a7la
bes l7een gomt ashik ebnafsi, ana chene shifta mnazleen 3alay, khalti tegool la hatha yedeen min el collection el 9aifi...sij?
yemkin 3ayal mo b 400!!! yemkin 600
ana law ashtere, yemkin anam fee min kether ma eyanen, bes allah yhadahom wayed ghali

Um mit3ib:
I didn't thought someone wil like it

walla ana ashoof el zyada m7ali

Ma Vie ... Ma Joie:
yahh :)
Anonymous said…
ee mn ilResort 2010 bs tra yswa! sa7 il gseer wayd a7la lama qarant! ana agool ikhtheeeh w entaay mghaamtha! y3ni il loubies il sakhefeen ib 400 w theyre very ordinary bs hatha its a show stopper! yala tiwakelay 3ala allah! i might akhtha wyaach w i promise u ra7 anam feeh too:p LOL
grl in the pic
Me Blogging said…
wain ,,,tara ana radait likwait
o trust me, I have no where to wear such booties. enty shtere bedali
badawerlich sorta fee elmajala, bata'kad min se3ra.

tathkereen el post about law and order? kan mawjood
awal sortain

owafeeki bel se3r bacher enshallah b ye
khal anam bacher dawam
Anonymous said…
ok great cuz ana already ray7a dubai!itha tabeeny i get it for u lemme knw plz, lol lel7een mu9erra inch lazm takhtheena:p

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