يالله بالستر

Flickr is blocked in Dubai!!! why??? 3ad Dubai!!! kilish ma yeloooog
How am I supposed to upload my pictures???I do that to get a bigger size pics
ohh well, all I can do right now is upload them using blogger
that means people in here can't see pictures in my blog????


Anonymous said…

ma 3ndhom salfa!
Anonymous said…
haw !! shako ?
hehe ee walah yalaah belsiter looool
a5af gareen elkilma '3ala6 :P
Anonymous said…
it means loosing more viewers
Anonymous said…
I am a silent reader from Dubai, and yeah since you used flickr to upload your images we can't view them. So 9ert I rarely visit your blog :(
Haha and speaking of "ma yleeg" we know darling!! What a contradiction sa7 :P

Ps: I love your blog xx
love drunk said…
Well flickr is blocked in our country because there are lots of problems going on with it..

but many people use the proxy to enter it & im one of those people
Hope you enjoyyyy staying in dubai there loaddddz of things to do!! enjoy the shopping
love drunk

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