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Yesterday I went to see Sherlock Holmes in 360-mall cinema. I booked in the VIP screen, which was my first experience in there and it was amaaaaazing. I loved the seatings; and how I can lift my legs up and lay back in the chair (mal kanbal). I also loved the space were you could go out without bothering anyone. the only strange thing is, they were not serving food inside the theater; I have been told that they do that at the Avenues theaters. However, that wasn't a big problem, maybe it is better this way, so we don't get to smell food inside. I'm definitely going there again.

As for the movie
It was GREAT
I loved Robert Downey junior (Holmes) and the expressions he does with his face, he is so funny. I was surprised to see Jude Law in the movie, I love him too, so it was a perfect match for me. I also was surprised to know that Guy Ritchie is the director (Madonna's Ex Husband). Sherlock is kind of similar to (Snach) another movie directed by Guy, one of my favorites.
So ... the verdict 9/10, why not 10, because some of the events were predictable.


Faith said…
My favorite actor EVER :)
That VP screen thingy seemed really nice hope I get to try it in my next visit to Kuwait. But I want food ;)
Me Blogging said…
Faith, there is food but you hav to get it outside the theater :)

My brothe rtold me that Dubai Mall's VIP screen shay 3ajeeb,a7la wayed, that is why I tried this one in Kuwait to compare :)
Unknown said…
haw ya 7afith! Me.. alla yhadeech ive been to the VIP theater couple of times.. and i got served inside the cinema... but you have to order before entering the movie and then you get the food served right to ur seat ;)
Me Blogging said…
weee delly shilfayda, I don't wanna stand outside and order, ana 3abali fee a7ad yamshi eb 3arabana wela shay
nine said…
i love the dubai mall VIP screen ! Wish Kuwaiti cinemas would try a little harder
faisal said…
I didn't expect it to be that good cus of Guy Ritchie but it was verry good. about the food service its strange i remember when it first opened they served me the food to my chair... why did they stop doing that.
Me Blogging said…

How did you order your food?
outside? and they brought the food?
Anonymous said…
I love love the VIP screen in dubai mall!!!! its unreal how amazing it is, i will try the one in 360 but i doubt it compares
faisal said…
yes i ordered from the counter and they brought the food to my chair
Unknown said…
Me likey !
thnx for sharing!

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