I missed it :(

REUSE is a 3-day exhibition hosted by Zain at The Avenues, Parking Lot D9, from the 7th to the 9th of December. whereby community members come together to recreate innovative design solutions in the realms of shelters, furniture, sculpture, artwork and more from scrap found around and about Kuwait. Link

Reuse 3.0 (3)

while I was getting out of The Avenues parking I hear music!! where is it coming from??!! did I left my iPod on??? no, it seems that it's coming from outside...
I opened the window and there was it, a Boda Barish kind of music, coming out from a huge tent in the parking (picture above)

Reuse 3.0 (1)

Then I realized it was the Reuse 3.0 exhibition
I didn't have time to go in, I just took some pictures (3al mashi)
loved the grass and bean bags on the ground (picture above)

Reuse 3.0

Notice that white arch on the left? I think it is made of plastic bottles.

Reuse 3.0 (4)

the lighting looks so cool along with the music

Reuse 3.0 (2)

I wish if someone had took better pictures than mine, I really would love to see what people have created.


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