Mum told me ...

Antik Batik

Tara Jarmon

Mum told me that 2 new boutiques are now open at the avenues phase 2, Tara Jarmon and Antik Batik , both are in front of Reiss store ( il mukan el mad3oos, ele ma7ad yero7la, yam Samsonite)
Unfortunately, my mum doesn't know how to use her camera phone, so I have no pictures of the boutiques to share them with you.


Khalid said…
good news, they are opening so fast.
Thanks for the helpful post ;)
Anonymous said…
funny how u use MUM and not MOM ma3anna it seams to me that u use an American style ( u use color and not colour ... center and not centre )
Me Blogging said…
welcome :)

eee wallah
tawni antebeh
yalla modail thani

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