I found Jane's boots

Just the other day, I was checking my favorite blog Sea of Shoes and I saw Jane wearing these lovely boots by BCBG (picture below) I searched the web for them but couldn't find them.

Jane's BCBG Boots

to my surprise, I found them today at The ShoeBox store at the Avenues phase 2 (next to Reiss store), they look great, but when I put them on, ohhh no no no, I can't walk in them, they feel like skating boots, I can't bend my feet to walk. I always tolerate pain for the sake of fashion, but this time, NO CAN DO, they were expensive too, 199 KD.


first picture taken from Jane's blog Sea of shoes


Anonymous said…
i was looking for them too :)

0hhh 200 kd thats so much especially that our winter is just one month and it seems that it wont be cold

thanks for sharing :)

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