DIY: Rihanna's Sunglasses


Remember the post I wrote about Rihanna's sunglasses? well my cousin Z fell in love with these glasses and decided to make one for herself for a party she attended couple of days ago. The theme of the party was (Opening of a club), so basically they were suppose to be like celebrities out clubbing. Below is her creation...

DIY - rihanna Glasses

DIY - rihanna Glasses (2)
Guess what she used as spikes?
Pen tips
Isn't that creative?


Nadine said…
The spikes look identical, very creative!
Unknown said…
that's sooo coool!
rolla said…
it is cool indeed !
Unknown said…
ambaih mo sj fnanaaaa wallah she can sell that
tswii? abeee plz how much ? 7ta law el basic shade ayklam bs ina el design rw3aaaaaa

tell her i wanna buy mnhaaaa :*

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