360 Mall

After reading Mark's review on The Meat Company (in 360 Mall), my sister and I went there to have dinner and as he described, the steak was soft and tender, it was so delicious that I thought of ordering another one.

Meem Cafe

A Lebanese cafe has just opened there, Meem Cafe (م كافيه) - picture above, next to it, is another newly opened cafe called Posh.

Posh cafe 2

Posh Cafe

Tried their Pecan pie, 7adha latheetha, so sweeeeet, I liked it, again ... I was about to order another one, but my sister stopped me from doing that.
madree shfeeni elyoom mafjo3a :p


p2bk said…
went 2 posh cafe 2day..i tried their fries and crab salad..the food was soo good! the crab salad tasted so different than any crab salad i tried b4..then i realized it had sour mango pieces in it! but even though it was a weird combination crabz n mangoz..but it definitely worked 4 me! the fries tasted like ayam gabbel..u know the potato sticks that comes in red tin cans kinda similar taste! i also went for ur recommendation ov the pecan pie..i agree 7adha latheetha! thanx 4 the recommendation:)
Me Blogging said…
:) glad you liked it
now I have to try your recommendation :)
but I don't like mango :( I think I will try it without it
p2bk said…
me 2..i dont like it when fruits and vegetables are mixed 2gether..i find the combination hard 2 handle..but believe me with this salad..i think the mango is wat made it distinctive!
Me Blogging said…
but I don't eat any kind of fruits
the smell of mangos makes me suck
never eaten one in my life
that is my problem
p2bk said…
oh well if that's so..then i guess u can ask for it without mangoz! but dunno if its gonna taste as good:P
btw i think u gotta go get some sleep..dont u have 2 wake up early? its not like im not enjoying the conversation we r having:P..but im thinking how on earth will u b able 2 wake up! for me if i dont get min 8hrs sleep..i get all cranky!
Me Blogging said…
ohh yes I have to sleep now. yallah bacher akher yoom dawam
nice talking to you :)

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