To stay fit

Work (1)

I lost alot of weight when I was on vacation and I want to stay in shape.

So as an exercise, I decided to take the stairs at work instead of the elevator.

My office is on the 17 th floor. Crazy haa :)

I climbed up 2 floors only and I was about to die, my heart bounding so hard and I can't breath. I reached my office sweating.

huh ... I thought I was fit.

I will keep doing this, lama at3alam 3ala el rakba, of course I will be doing that only when I'm wearing flats :p


You have a lot of self control. I got tired just looking at that picture :P
Good luck on staying in shape :)
Khalid said…
gd luck
o allah weyak ;)
Anonymous said…
mmmm i think that i am at ur same buliding ;)
الله يعينج ..ليش ماتخلينها بالنزله 17 طابق تنزلين منه اسهل =) بس صعده 17 طابق حاولي يمكن تقدرين
Me Blogging said…
Immaturely Mature:
ee walla good luck


intresting :)
if you see a crazy lady going up and down the stairs , say hi :)

anzil aw arkab. el nazla sahla 5 digayeg ela entay wasla
erakba ele gatila
Anonymous said…

u are so funny :))
Winterbells said…
I'm trying to do the same thing, but just 3 floors up the stairs... It gives me a big strech and a boost of energy in the morning before dawaam.

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