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Micheal Jackson (3)

Went to see Michael Jackson's film the other day (This is it) wallah It was nice and if you are a fan you will love it. It's all about the rehearsal, offf it is a lot of work, dancing is not fun anymore after seeing dancers and what they have to do to get it right.

Just downloaded his greatest hits, my favorite song in the movie was (they don't care about us) loved the robotic dance.

Micheal Jackson (2)

Is that a Balmain jacket????
ohhh ... Michael is too skinny

Micheal Jackson (1)

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Salem said…
I saw the movie and it was great to watch. MJ worked hard during the concert and he always wanted things to go perfectly. L O V E
faisal said…
i saw it too and i agree he was very skinnnny
Me Blogging said…
yes he did and I also noticed that he was very polite

ee maskeen

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