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My sister invited her friend Badoora and her sisters to our house for a small dinner party today. She also wanted to celebrate Badoora's birthday with a small cake. She chooses the most hideous looking cake she could find. She also managed to convince Badoora that she bought it from her favorite bakery shop (which is not true).
Why she did that???

Red Cake
Because after dinner we all went outside in the garden to have tea and surprise her with the real birthday cake ...
white cake 1
(This is it) meaning this is your real birthday cake not the one you saw before (that nobody touched). I know she is a BIGGGGG Michael Jackson fan, but I didn't expect her reaction at all, she screamed the moment she saw his picture, she lovvved it. She didn't stop taking pictures of the cake, her sisters too. She didn't even let us eat from it, until she saw our sad faces and decided to give us some from the sides without destroying MJ.

white cake 2
(Sablaih) the Bakery shop made this cake for us, I didn't like the flowery thing on the sides, I thought it is going to be plain plain, but they just don't understand the word plain they have to add this.
Anyways, she loved it.


Salem said…
madre laish bs eksarat kha6ry the strawberry cake :p
in the other hand, MJ's cake looks deliciously awesome :D
Anonymous said…
They must have thought, "Oh, she doesn't know what she's talking about. A cake can't simply be plain. It MUST have a frame." lol

Nevertheless, gr8 cake!
Unknown said…
lol 7araka 7elwa walla with the 2 cakes ;)
Me Blogging said…
Salem :
hahahha ee wallah takser el kha6er :)


offf 3ajeeba, she is still talking about it GmbH

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