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Black Pouch Bag , at TopShop Around 30 KD


Anonymous said…
thnx Master
listen sweety do u wear hjab?
if yes or no it doesnt matter since you are fashionsta
please offer us some elegant hints on clothing for mthjbat :)
p.s idont like 5abaj banaj eluwait fee elqomsan o these things it makes me bored even at looking at it ..we neeeeeed new n tidey n elegant style
girl from uk
Anonymous said…
bdlyal correctin :
Pink Sakura said…
Love the bag when I frist saw it
I thought nice jacket then you wrote bag and I like Ah(nods head) XD
Me Blogging said…
Girl from UK:
walla wedi , lots of girls been telling me to do that, but I just don;t know how to do it.
I will try and see what can I come up with

Pink Sakura:
:) yes its a bag
Anonymous said…
thnx qlby
bolyvre site can help

iam following british style short dress black tights with boots or flats.. in kuwit its problem icant do that thou ilook sooooooo cute but among kuwawiti ohhhhh

master why do we have "thouq"interference n problems on that issue in kuwait

imean if icame with wht i wear in UK ill be critizesd thuo it suites me alot ..oh iam confused
thnxxxxxxx grl frm uk
Me Blogging said…
hmmm, it seems that what you described can go along with Kuwait now a days.

Walla madree what to say, if you feel comfortable with what you wear, then just go for it. at the end this is you, even if it is not the norm or fashionable in some peoples eyes. It is your own Style

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