The September Issue

Just finished watching (The September Issue) movie. Anna is scary, I liked Grace Coddington, Vogue's Creative Director. I don't know how she can work with Anna, they always disagree when choosing a photo or clothes for the issue. I always thought it was fun working in a magazine, specially if it was Vogue, but it's not an easy job if you have Anna as your boss.

Note: I was watching the movie online, on a site that Mishary posted about a week ago. But unfortunately it is not working right now, I don't know why!!!!
The movie was so clear it's like you are watching a DVD. 7asafa 3ala el site :(
laykoon gfalo????


Anonymous said…
laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 3ad i really luved the quality of that sites videos! 9airra kilyom ashof film mn 3ndhum :( i hope its just a minor glitch !
Me Blogging said…
Yah I hope so too
It's not working today :(

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