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Ibrah's Collection is out

Studs Necklace ...

Studs Necklace 2

Studs (2)

Studs Necklace 3

Graps Necklace ...

Graps Necklace 2

Graps Necklace 1

Graps Necklace 3

and Last but not least, the Cream Collection...

Cream Collection 4

Cream Collection 3

Cream Collection 2

Cream Collection 1

You can find the whole collection at Pick Your Tag online store Link


Anonymous said…
i loved the creme collection

it really shows that u r creative

and the finishing is PERFECT

7ilween masha2 allah :)

thank u
Anonymous said…
the cream collection look like baby bibs to me u need to work on it more (size wise)
Unknown said…
OMG, ur not gonna believe that Master!
But i made something exactly like this, for my buttons collections since i design accesories as well :/
the felt necklase idea
Me Blogging said…
anonymous 1:
Thank you , Cream collection was my sister's. I made the first 2 necklaces

shay etha7a:

anonymous 2:
Maybe... but I feel they are statment necklaces that suppose to be that big. and yah they look like a baby bib :)

sij :) niccce
7aneen said…
I LOVE THEM ALL! The ruffles r killing me. Mashallaaaaaa
Anonymous said…
youre good at this...
Anonymous said…
6alaabt wa7d its overpriced shwyy bss its hot!! i hope ina good quality.. ana mu nu3yy ma3arith w hl ashyaa !i only shop from designer brands so awal mara a6lub lana ur cream collection iyanen! i love statement necklaces! w btw ana ili marra sawarteeny blqala6 lol ili solafnaa 3n geneve.. lol i dun knw why im telling u this! goodluck!! wayd a7la mn il collection ili 6aaf wayd arqa.. i hope inkm matsawoon a lot of quantities,mu 7lw ykoon mga6a6 i wanna feel special, u knw wut i mean?
Anonymous said…
exquisite pictures and wonderful collection.. who's the model? can we book her for our collection of dara3a's?
Unknown said…
wow master
mashallah mashallah mashallah
tabarak elra7aman both of u u and ur sister this time is way different
i like it all
plus ur cosin made it look prettyier :)
best of luck grls
DoDoq8 said…
elt9weer 5yal

Me Blogging said…
glad u liked them

I'm going to call you (the girl in the picture) although I don't know how u look like.
I hope you will like your necklace, and rest assure you are going to be the only girl in Kuwait to wear this design. We made only one. even if we are going to do the same collection it's going to be different designs and colors.

Thank you, unfortunately no you can't book her she is not a model. she is my cousin helping us launch the collection.

Ohh yes she made it look prettier

Thank you :)
Anonymous said…
waiting for ur call;)

the grl in the picture lol:p
Me Blogging said…
girl in the picture:
I didn't get it?
Call u?
Paisley said…
Ibrah's finishing work is amazing! It's rare to see a lot of care put into pieces made in Kuwait. And her creative!

Your photography does her work justice!

Ascia & Hawraa
ZeeZoo said…
I found one similar to those in 360 mall (Melange) and it was 270 KD!!!

Over all I liked Ibrah's collection GmbH

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