Ibrah's Collection is coming soon

small run

On Saturday I called up my cousin Z to model Ibrah's collection for us, the photo session was amazing. I liked playing the stylist and photographer. I was so happy with the results. Above is one of the photos I took.


Anonymous said…
what r u selling? there is no accessories in that photo!
Me Blogging said…
There will be, this is just a teaser :)
WiSdOm said…
A M A Z I N G ;)
can't wait..all the best inshallah ;*
Anonymous said…
it looks like Hermes Ad ;p
Me Blogging said…

hahahah ee wallah sa7
7aneen said…
MO SEJ ! gifted gifted mashalla.. the pose, the outfit, the photography..
Me Blogging said…
thank you 7aneen :)

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