Hello Kitty Celebrates her 35th Birthday in London

Hello Kitty

Last week Hello Kitty celebrated her birthday in London in Sketch restaurant.
Dazed Digital (blog): What does 'Hello Kitty' mean? Is that her birth name?Yuko Yamaguchi (creator of HK): Her real name is Kitty White. Hello Kitty is just her nickname.
To see more pictures and read the full interview, go to Link


lendmeurear said…
happy bday kitty white! ur soOo old hehe
Salem said…
Ashoofhom ga3deen ywaz3oonha eb Mcdonalds 7g ilhappy meals ;p
Me Blogging said…
Lendmeurear: hahaha yes she is

Salem: wainik Salem? enta fee London ?

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