Today, Yvoire - France

It is approximately a 30 minute drive from our home (which is next to Geneva) to Yvoire

Yvoire 2009 (12)

Our first stop, the crepe shop.

They serve delicious crepes, I ordered two, one with Nutella and the other with butter and sugar, and was thinking of having a third one, but ate ice cream instead. il yoom yoom al infejar.

Yvoire 1 (1)

It seems that they are having a small festival today


Yvoire 1

Yvoire 2009 (10)

Yvoire 2009 (11)

Yvoire 2009 (8)

bought some lovely stuff from this all white furniture store

Yvoire 2009 (9)

Look how the store owner decorated my bag :)
wanted to get more stuff but I didn't need anything.

Yvoire 2009 (14)

Yvoire 2009 (15)


Anonymous said…

allah yashwag abi aro7 :)
thakrtni fi Megeve

Cousin D

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