Sights and scenes of Barcelona - Part 2

While we were in Barcelona...

for people how got bored with Barcelona pictures, just skip this post. I love taking pictures and these are some of the 700 pictures I took.


The tour bus, it was fun, seeing the whole city in one day. you can go down the bus any where it stops. like if it stops in a museum and you can then take the one coming after it.

Tour (4)


The gave us ear phones to listen to tour guide recording

Tour (2)

Tour (3)

These are ear phones, don't know why people threw them!!!

Tour (8)

Tour (9)

A contemporary art museum, we went to Picasso museum instead of this


Anonymous said…
its throw not through :P
throw:yalqi aka ege6
through:khelal aka madry shino bel q80 hehehehe
eee wallah sij 7asafah
etha kanow for free I don't think that they would care
poor u mother nature!!
nice pix btw ;)
Me Blogging said…
waaa fashlataaa :)
correction has been made. thanx :)

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