Serge Lutens

serge lutens

I bought another Serge Lutens perfume called (Fille En Aiguilles) . I couldn't resist not to get it. I loveeee his scents. It is one of three new fragrances, the second one is (Nuit De Cellophane) and the third is (Fourreau Noir) sold exclusively at Les Salons du Palais Royal in Paris.

Fille En Aiguilles is a mix of fruits, pine needles and spices, woody, oriental formula. Yes this is what I like in a perfume, spices and wood. Serge loves Morocco so much that it has been the inspiration behind most of his perfumes. He takes the roots of Arabian perfume and then does something new with them.

In 1968 Christian Dior asked Serge to design Dior's first-ever make-up range. Then he worked for the Japanese cosmetic company Shiseido, where he was given the whole international brand image. Then in 1981 he was asked by Shiseido to do a perfume, and he came up with Nombre Noir.

Now he has around 50 scents around the world and 27 that can only be found in his boutique in Paris.

Serge Lutens

Source: (How to spent it) magazine, photographer: Cristian Barnett


joy said…
awal marra asma3 fehom
am into arabi perfumes
is too flowery scents? or more to arabic ?
Me Blogging said…
arabic, coz I hate flowery scents

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