Our Hotel in Barcelona - Arts Hotel

Today I'm going to begin my posts with Barcelona; you might see some of Geneva posts and probably Milano (a one day un-planned trip). So you won't see serial posts of our trip, it would be a little bit of here and a little bit of there.

Arts Hotel

Arts Hotel over looks the marina and it takes 5 min. to get to the shopping center by Taxi. I thought it's going to be a boring excluded quiet place, but it was totally the opposite, it's always crowded no matter what time it is, people either swimming, walking, playing volleyball or cycling, the atmosphere was great.

Arts Hotel (1)

Arts Hotel (2)

Arts Hotel (3)

Arts Hotel (4)

Arts Hotel (5)

From the hotel balconi

Arts Hotel (6)

A tiny jacuszi in the hotel
there is a small swimming pool, but I couldn't take a picture of because people were sunbathing at the time.

Arts hotel 14

A casino in front of the hotel entrance

Arts Hotel (7)

The Lobby

Arts Hotel (8)

Arts Hotel (9)

Arts Hotel (10)

Arts Hotel (11)

our room (my sister and I)


Pure said…
mashallah it looks really nice.. shloun il soug in barcelona? im thinking of going there next year instead of london .. is the soug worth it ?
Me Blogging said…
esoug 3adi mo mout, london akeed wayed a7san.
ana sima3t nas mataw 3ala souqhom, ana ashoofa kilish 3adi, kil shay mawjoud fe likwait.
bes if you wanna go to discover Barcelona that would be fun.
Anonymous said…
:) i have Q. r u wearing hejab ;)?
Faith said…
Those sceneries are gorgeous.
Anonymous said…
cuz u r there in the pic :)
Me Blogging said…
waaaaiih :) ma abayen :)

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