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Fortune Cookie Boutique

Wow Fortune Cookie Boutique has a blog now LINK . I LOVEEEEEE fortune cookie they have the funkiest stuff.

I fell in love with this T-shirt (below) that I placed and order seeda. It is made by a Kuwaiti photographer with all popular street signs here in kuwait, notice the traffic light, waaaaay etshaweq it has sequins.

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Price : 15 KD
That was fast. I placed an order at 4:00 and got it at 5:30

Fortune cookie

Fortune cookie (2)

Me loves her new T-Shirt :)


نفس Fa9la Station Design بالضبط !!!

بس مغيره لوحة الخالديه وحاطه مشرف وحاطه ترتر على الاشاره
نسيت اقولج الحمدلله على سلامتكم :)))
Unknown said…
i love it!
the sequins make a big difference in the design :D
Anonymous said…
To Shay al tha7a,
I just want to clear things out , I used to work with the people behind fa9la station before they established it. and we worked on the T-shirt together.
Me Blogging said…
شاي الضحى:
إختي تقولي شايفتها في مكان من قبل بس أنا ما أعرفها
و الله يسلمك :)

Pink dress:
offf yes it makes a big difference

you mean this is your work?
Anonymous said…
only.weekends said…
is there fortune cookies in Kuwait?!
The T-shirt is so cooool.
Anonymous said…
To Eman ..
Sorry but shlon this is ur work ?! el design she`3el ahmad al shaibani [ fa9la Station ] .. not urs !

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