My white room

Here are some pictures of my room here in France.

My white room (2)

My white room

My white room (1)

We need to shorten the curtains, once we do that I will take pictures of the room as a whole.

My white room (4)

Below is what I bought from Yvoire yesterday

My white room (3)

My white room (6)

My white room (7)

My white room (8)

She looks silly and cute at the same time, she makes me laugh whenever I look at her. Cuta.


Sn3a said…
etyanen ma sha allah
Dark angel said…
oh my Gosh !
Amazing doll !
Faith said…
Show us the view plzzz ;D
Don’t you get thoughts of living there forever?
Anonymous said…
waayn baitkm?? yviore i like 10mins away from our home
Anonymous said…
wayed 7alween 3alich bel 3afia :)

couzin D
sun shine said…
ماشالله غرفتج مريحه عليح بالعافية

انا في انترلاكن كنت اتمنى اشوفج :) بس اليوم برد الكويت
Me Blogging said…
Thank you all

Faith: yah sometimes I think of leaving my job and come here to live

Sorry can't tell,keeping the privacy of my family. I think I know where your home is. we are closer to geneva

Hi cousin D, shifteeha? :) 3ajeeba

Sun shine: lahhh :) wanasa yetaw Geneve?
sun shine said…
يوم الاحد نزلنا جنيف
Anonymous said…
Terza Stella said…
you have an amazing sense of style whether it was with art, fashion, photography and now interior desiging .. MashaAllah ..

btw im a regular follower to ur blog, but never had the chance to thank you for sharing all this with us .. bless you xx

Alyazia - uae
Summer said…
mashallah wayid 7ilew!
Me Blogging said…
Terza stella:
you are welcome dear and thank so much for the complement :)

Sunshine: 3ad el a7ad mo mal el wa7ed yeroo7 geneve, mayta el madeena

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