More pictures of the fashion show

We came late, my aunts were visiting, so we only saw Fortune Cookie's show,

Karizma 1

Karizma 2

Karizma 5

uhhhhh you look gorgeous Inga (the model)

Karizma 7

I don't think this dress is from Fortune Cookie, is it??? help us out Arooja

Karizma tree

Karizma tree 1

The keys to the secret closet...

Secret Closet

My secret closet 1
Necklace sewed on the shirt, comes with earings , 20 KD
come to think of it, why didn't I get myself one???? :(

My Secret Closet 2
The secret pants

My secret pants 3

Now let see what Samar's Art Boutique got...
Samar's Art

Samar, love you girl, you always make me laugh

Samar's Art
this should be a BlackBerry case, but I made it a camera case , both from Sama's art

Fortune Cookie boutique
Scarf from fortune cookie Link

Tea Time
(My secret closet) owner was kind enough to give us this lovely tea leaf spoon


Anonymous said…
ee 9aja hatha the final dress min the secret closet ..

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