Lyon - France

Hi guys
it has been a week since my last post, sorry but I was busy with lots of stuff. Mostly ordering materials for Ibrah, and contacting suppliers.

See, my day goes like this, I wake up around 1:00 PM, get dressed and go out with the family. we normally come back at 7:00 PM. Sometimes we cook dinner at home so after that one of us (sis or me) have to wash the dishes, or we have some ironing to do, then once that is done I relax for an hour or two, at 12:00 AM I start working. I check on my emails, search for materials online (always takes me 2 hours to do that), form cost statements for Ibrah, check on, go through magazines to spot trends and stuff like that, until I get tired, which is mostly at 5:00 or 6:00 AM. Then it is Desperate Housewives time :) I watch one episode every night, or shall I say every morning ;p. Today I'm going to watch the last episode of season 5. yupppeeee then I can watch the new season. After the 45 minutes are over I'm off to sleep. This is what I call a vacation.

uhhh only few days left then back to Kuwait :(
then work work work


pictures were taken yesterday in Lyon

Lyon 2



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