iPod Nano


I got the iPod I wanted :) from the new Apple store in Geneva

iPod (1)

iPod (2)

Location: Rue de Rive, next to (gahwat el 3ayoza) a coffee shop that has an old women working there.


joy said…
me like hatha bo kamira??
leesh mo fisfoori :p
Me Blogging said…
law ako chan khathait. mine is pink, not red like in the picture
Anonymous said…
how much u bought it? here in q8 56kd
Me Blogging said…
I really don't remember
it was 16 GB, and it's not shown in my Credit Card statement. I have to wait and tell you. maybe it was 240 francs
Me Blogging said…
uhh got it
it was (71 KD) for the 16 GB iPod

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