Internet connection is back

Finally we have internet connection at home, I'm going crazy, I don't know where to start, my inbox reached 700 email and I have taken approximately 800 pictures that I have to view and chose from to show you. Also would love to read a lot of blogs to keep up to date, and watch the summer 2010 fashion shows that I know nothing about.


نمووول said…
مبروك وصول الانترنت لبيتكم

ان شاء الله في وقت تسوي كل هذا

بس شوف الايميلات اول شي لان يمكن
فيهم شي مهم او ضروري

دمت بخير
Me Blogging said…
الله يبارك فيك :)
و الايميلات ما تخلص تعبت

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