Ice Cream



Every year we have to pass by the fashion boutique and restaurant L'address to have their delicious ice cream, caramel with salt. Yah it is a weird combination but it is really good. They have this lovely terrace that would be great to have launch in a sunny day.



just something caught my eyes while walking the streets of Geneva

First picture was taken from the stores web site link


Anonymous said…
waaay i7na klsena nruu7 geneve bs ma algaa hal amakin! 7adna bl restaurants roberto (the italiann 3arafteeh?) w some old restaurants bl old city ww bss il baji sucks molinooo ma molino w entrecote malaina mena! sooo plzz abeech tgoleenly the list of the best restaurants in geneve!! walla u will be doing me a huge favor!
Me Blogging said…
:) wee chan zain a3aref.
e7na bes n3aref 7ag el 7ilo
coz we usually eat at home.

there is a resturant called fiore, up , behinde bon gene, that was is good. and tomorrow we will be trying a restaurant they told us that it belongs to de grosogono.

Roberto, ma a3arfa. golili wain mukana.
Anonymous said…
ahaa thanks babe:** roberto jidam starbux sob 3araftay wain escada w laduree ? its good, u shud try it;*
Anonymous said…
w how was the restaurant that belongs to grosogono?? tadreen ina in one of ur posts kntay 7a6a sowar w knt ana 6al3a feehm blqala6 lol bs ma abayn 3adil :p
Me Blogging said…
eee 3arafta roberto, ma re7nalah, china ahali ray7eela.

We didn't go to the restaurant that belongs to de Grisogono (if that was true)

sij wallah 6ala3 besewar? :)
ayhoom? hni fe geneve wella Kuwait?
Anonymous said…
eee lol blkuwait;p ray7a ma63am ili ib hotel president ili 3al pool?? its amazing wel vieww 3ajeeeb
Me Blogging said…
la hatha fee geneve mo likwait

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